Photo on plexiglass

As low as €26.95
5 days
  • 2,5 times brighter than glass
  • printed in mirror image from behind on the plexiglass
  • white protective film on the back
  • printed with white ink
  • intensive colours and a beautiful depth effect
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Foto on plexiglass

By making use of plexiglass you give a wonderful sense of depth to your photos. The plexiglass is UV stabilized, which is the best possible protection against fading of your photographs. This way you are assured that your ohto does not turn yellowish. Besides the depth effect of plexiglass it also gives a high gloss effect to your photos. Therefore a photo on plexiglass matches perfect with a modern interior.


By means of direct printing (UV), your photo is printed directly on 4mm thick plexiglass. A direct print on plexiglass gives a glossy appearance of your photo. The inks are transparent, the color will be less intense compared to a photo printed as a mirror image on the back. We enhace the back with a white finish.

1:1 ratio
  • 30x30 cm €27.95 Choose
  • 40x40 cm €39.95 Choose
  • 50x50 cm €56.95 Choose
  • 70x70 cm €109.95 Choose
  • 80x80 cm €119.95 Choose
  • 100x100 cm €189.95 Choose
  • 120x120 cm €274.95 Choose
  • 130x130 cm €309.95 Choose
  • 140x140 cm €359.95 Choose
2:1 ratio
  • 80x40 cm €74.95 Choose
  • 140x70 cm €999.99 Choose
3:2 ratio
  • 30x20 cm €26.95 Choose
  • 45x30 cm €26.95 Choose
  • 60x40 cm €54.95 Choose
  • 90x60 cm €114.95 Choose
4:3 ratio
  • 40x30 cm €49.95 Choose
  • 60x45 cm €59.95 Choose
  • 80x60 cm €104.95 Choose
  • 100x75 cm €144.95 Choose
  • 120x90 cm €239.95 Choose
4:5 ratio
  • 90x30 cm €56.95 Choose
  • 120x40 cm €104.95 Choose
  • 150x50 cm €149.95 Choose
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